Myxa B2 - Max output power


I want to ask about maximum output power of Myxa B0 ESC. I saw, that Myxa has maximum rated power output of 850W, but on your pages in UAV Propulsion Kit you show that it is possible to get 1.2kW. I would like to have aobut 1.5KW using 12S lipo battery. Is it possible to get this amount of power with 12S battery? It will be about 40A for each Myxa.

The 1.2 kW value is the peak power which is sustainable for only very short periods of time. Myxa is unable to operate at this power level continuously. However, we are finalizing a new open hardware design based on Mitochondrik which we call OpenMyxa; it is rated for up to 2.5 kW 12 S and is equipped with UAVCAN, RCPWM, UART, and USB. If you are interested, please reach out to