Myxa B0 broke down

While tuning spin-up behavior with new propellers on six Myxa B0 devices, a single device suddenly stopped working:

  • the device does publish a heartbeat, reporting healthy and operational
  • the device does reboot when instructed to do so (yakut cmd 11 reboot)
  • the device does not respond to a drive command (setpoint_velocity subscription), it remains in standby mode
  • the device does not perform a self test when instructed via yakut cmd 11 1, it remains in standby
  • the device’s sys.status register never shows anything else than {"standby":{}}

Both the drive and self test command result in five other devices on the same bus to spin up, or perform a self test, respectively. Before the malfunction, the device itself also worked without any issues.

Is there anything I can do?

device ID: 32004a00075030503034392000000000
configuration dump: myxa-not-repsonding.yaml (3.9 KB)

Edit: some more observations

  • Sometimes when receiving a drive setpoint, the device reports health: CAUTION with a VSSC of 0x5e, indicating some kind of hardware error. Usually health is nominal with a VSSC of 0x53, though.
  • When in health: CAUTION mode, the device reports “other” faults,e.g. the fault_flags.other bit inside the status publication is set.

The latest observations indicate that the device has suffered some damage to the power stage, but the reason why it is refusing to perform a self-test is unclear. Are you sure this observation is correct?

We would like to replace and investigate this unit, and perhaps use this case to improve the self-diagnostics capabilities. If you could send your current shipping address to, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, I am. Until this afternoon the faulty device was still on the same drone as before, where it did work previously. All other five Myxas continue to work on the bus and respond as expected, only the one unit behaves as described in the post above.

Just did. Thank you!