Motor Stops Rotating using CMD on UAVCAN GUI


I am facing an issue while using T-Motor F60 Pro III 2207 / 2500KV with UAVCAN GUI and Holybro Kotleta20 ESC. When I use ESC Panel to send throttle command it stops (cuts off) and not rotating perfectly at 57% as seen in the attached video. I don’t know what is the problem exactly. When trying the same process with DJI E305 2312E / 960KV it is working perfectly until 100%. ESC configuration attached.

Does this means this ESC is suitable for low KV?

Hm, this is odd. Usually it is quite reliable. Have you looked at the Tuning guide in the Reference Manual? It is quite brief but it does contain useful hints, which are to adjust mot_dc_slope (reduce), mot_dc_accel (reduce). Also adjust mot_tim_adv_min and mot_tim_adv_max. A detailed description of each parameter can be found in the Reference Manual.