Motor makes a strange noise with one ESC


we have a problem with on of our ESCs (Myxa). It doesn´t work with our motors (we tried it with different types). All these motors worked with an other ESC (also Myxa).
Here is a Video of the noise:Video with Noise
And one with normal noise: Video without Noise
We don´t really know what to do with the ESC now. It is brand new and it has never been used before.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi Paula,

Can you please tell us the unique-ID of the misbehaving device? It’s a 128-bit number than you can obtain using either Kucher or the UAVCAN GUI tool, whichever is more convenient.


Hi Paula,

Have you performed motor identification on this Myxa with this motor as it described in theQuick Start Guide? Does this Myxa sample have all other parameters (except motor parameters) the same as the working sample?

Hi Pavel,

Thank you for your response.
The ID is 33002b000b5136313036383800000000.

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your response.
Yes we did and the parameters are the same.

This noise can be caused by the excitation of the current loop. Try decreasing the m.current_ctl_bw parameter to 0.01. Another reason could be mechanical connection problems. One of the connectors may be damaged or poorly connected. If not, please send us this unit, and we will send you another one.

We tried to set the parameter to 0.01 but it didn´t work.
We decided to send it back to you. Can you please send us the return info?
Thank you! And thank you for your quick responses.

Hi Paula,

Our address is:
Zubax Robotics OÜ
Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
Akadeemia road 21/1
Tallinn 12618