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Measuring UAVCAN network health

Hi everyone,
On my drone I’m using 6 Myxas connected on a UAVCAN network to a Cube FC and 2 Herelink GPSs.
I suspect the UAVCAN network is experiencing interference when the vehicle is flying.

I’m looking for a method of measuring the UAVCAN network integrity and health using the tools I have:
Myxas + Kucher

Measuring it in real-time is preferable, but in measuring in retrospect would also work for now.
I would appreciate any help with this.



Hi Gad,

Every UAVCAN device based on libuavcan v0 supports the standard diagnostic service GetTransportStats:

All Telega-based devices are built on libuavcan, so this service is supported. You can query it after the flight to check the status of the bus.

Thanks for the reply @pavel-kirienko but I’ll need a bit more technical guidance:
Technically - where do I go to query these stats from my PC? I’m using UAVCAN gui.
Do you happen to have a rule-of-thumb figures for what is Good, Mid and Bad ranges for transfer errors?


You can double-click on your node and in the opened window click “Get transport stats”. Alternatively, you could write a Python script to poll this service periodically while the vehicle is operational. This tutorial should help:


Normally, there should be no errors at all. Up to one error per minute should be acceptable in a typical UAV application. If your numbers are higher than that, perhaps your wiring needs to be optimized.

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