Mapping Joystick/RC throttle to motor current

Hi Pavel,

I am using a Logitech F310 joystick to control 4 Zubax Orel 20’s via Pixhawk.

I have noticed in my particular application that full throttle provides much more thrust than I need (the quad would take off like a rocket).
Also, the joystick doesn’t give fine control of throttle…

What I would like to do is to remap the joystick controls… in particular so that max throttle is less giving finer control of throttle which should be especially useful around the amount of thrust needed for takeoff/vertical acceleration.

How do you recommend doing this?
Is this as simple as lowering the current limits on the Orel’s?
Do I need to do anything on the Pixhawk side?



Hi Derek,

You could look at the PX4 mixer documentation to see if some clever mixing can help you with throttle limiting.

Alternatively you could lower the current limits on the side of Orel, but this will not affect the resolution or range of the control input. The relevant parameter is mot_i_max. Keep in mind that the current limiter is implemented as a simple voltage P-controller, so the real maximum current may slightly exceed the configured limit in some circumstances. This shouldn’t affect anything though.