Kucher Software(windows) problem

Hi all,

Recently I’m trying to use Kucher SW (for windows) but I have a problem with it – it’s very lagging on the start-up and it crashed at the attempt to connect.

Do you have any experience like this?

I tried to reinstall the SW but nothing.

I will be very glad to get any advice.

Hi Max,

I’ve had a look at the logs you sent me and it seems like you have a I/O performance issue. Could you please describe the hardware you’re using and if you’re relying on any sort of virtualization technology? I’m not sure if it matters but could you perhaps disable security software that might be intercepting I/O calls, possibly causing requests to time out?

I am assuming here that you are connecting to the device directly via USB instead of relying on a USB-UART bridge, please let me know if this is not the case.

If you are using USB hubs, consider connecting directly to a root port instead and see if it helps.

Also, this is new:

You did not mention it crashing. We did not encounter such issues before. Am I correct in my assumption that by “crashing” you mean the software is unable to connect instead of an actual abnormal termination? If not, please send the logs where the crash occurred.

Hi Pavel,
Thanks you for your reply.
I use BT mouse and BT headphones.
I tried to turn the BT off and it looks like it works well.
I will check it properly in the future and will report here.

Yes, I tried to work with KUCHER SF while BT is off and it worked as expected.
Pavel, thanks for you help!

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