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Kotleta 20 ESCs don't work well


I’m using CUAV V5 and Kotleta 20 ESCs with DJI 2212/920 KV motors. When I try to takeoff, the quadrotor vibrates like a jelly. I set a few parameters via developer port, but nothing has changed. Here is video link. Additionally, here is my parameters.

What should I do to solve this problem?

This seems like a vibration issue

please provide the log from your flight in the video (https://logs.px4.io/)

The vibration plot should look something like this: https://docs.px4.io/master/en/log/flight_review.html#vibration

Thank you,

Here is log. In addition, I tried also with this ESCs, and there was not any vibration. I could not understand.

Then maybe the vibration are not the issue, just a symptom.

I think it could be an issue with the ESC’s current limiting. The motor’s use should have at lease a 30A esc, the Kotleta is only 20A.

if possible connect your esc’s to Kucher () and raise the current limit (to 30A). This might damage your esc’s but a quick takeoff should be fine.

Otherwise, if you have a 4s battery, try that. This will lower the amp’s used, and they might get below the limit of 20A.

I setup current limit to 30A before flight. When I try with stabilized or manual mode, I saw vibrations even without propellers, but if I change mode to acro or altitude mode, this vibrations disappearing. For example, with stabilized mode, as you can see below picture, when throttle stick on this position(on left-down side of picture), the motors are beginning to oscillating like a ramp function.