Komar with CIAG 100_30 48V for traction questions

Hello, i have a few questions regarding Komar for a traction application (hybrid powertrain for light vehicle):

  • Does it support regenerative braking?

  • What kind of information does it receive via CAN to control the motor? Can it do torque control or only RPM control?

  • Where can i see the CAN frames for the controller? I looked into the documentation but couldn’t find it.

  • Can it reach peak output power of 5kW? If so, for how long?

  • Is there any video of Komar and CIAG 100_30 running? I’d like to show my colleagues some media before we order the controller.


The controller receives the command (setpoint) whose meaning depends on the control mode used and, optionally, the arming message used for safety (the controller will not engage unless the arming message is being published periodically with the appropriate value). Both torque control and velocity control modes are supported. More on this here: Drive - Telega v1.0 Reference Manual

The CAN protocol is Cyphal/CAN. The relevant documentation chapter is here: Cyphal interface - Telega v1.0 Reference Manual. Tutorials are also available. The Cyphal/CAN specification is available from opencyphal.org.

Komars have been tested with a peak power of 3.5 kW. The peak power of 5 kW is outside of the safe operating area and is likely to cause damage to the power stage.

Keep in mind that Komar is not intended to be a finished product but is instead a reference design for Mitochondrik. The Komar design files can be used to bootstrap the development of a more powerful motor controller.

Sorry, there is no video of Komar with that specific motor, but all running motor videos look alike…

Thank you very much @pavel-kirienko!