Junior embedded systems engineer

We are looking to expand our Tallinn lab with a junior embedded systems engineer. If you’re based in or around Tallinn and the below description looks relevant, don’t hesitate to drop a line to pavel.kirienko@zubax.com.

We offer

  • An R&D company focused on electric propulsion tech in aeronautic applications (manned and unmanned).
  • Researching, designing, and building sophisticated electric motor control solutions using modern technologies.
  • Working with complex deeply embedded software.
  • Contributing to open source projects.
  • Two of the world’s largest tech companies are among our customers.
  • A well-equipped R&D lab with two and a half asocial nerds located in the Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol.
  • Challenging problems and zero-bs management.
  • Rubber ducks.

We expect

  • BSc/MSc in EE/mechatronics or a similar qualification.
  • Excellent C++ skills, decent Python skills. Rust, Wolfram Mathematica, and LaTeX are desirable as well.
  • Familiarity with: hard real-time computing, nonlinear control theory, deterministic algorithms, defensive programming, real-time operating systems.
  • GNU/Linux is your default OS.
  • Existing contributions to open source software projects.
  • Courage to manually solder anything that can’t be coded in assembly.
  • Unhealthy attention to detail.