Is the Myxa sufficient for this motor?

I found the Zubax Myxa on the PX4 Homepage and I am really impressed by the efficiency.

Is the Zubax capable of Supporting this Motor in the Marked configuration?

Kind regards from Germany


Probably not, at least not with the current version of the firmware. We are familiar with this motor and it exceeds the power capabilities of Myxa a bit. However, if you are willing to try, we can ship you a free Myxa for evaluation with this particular configuration.


Thankyou for the fast response.
We do not have the motor right now but i will get in touch with you when we have one available.

I have another question:

Is there an efficiency difference between the FOC ESC from Tiger Motor ALPHA 60A 12S V1.2_ALPHA Series_ESC_Multirotor_T-MOTOR Store-Official Store for T-motor drone motor,ESC,Propeller andyour Myxa?

Can we expect more flight time with the myxa?


Yes, stay tuned, we’re going to publish some comparison data soon (possibly with datasets).

Hi Pavel,

I’m still interested in the Myxa and was wondering if the Myxa B2 will be capable of driving the Tiger Motor P80 as mentioned above.
We should be hovering at around 650 W per Motor but with short Bursts of 2.8 KW.

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I think that our recent advances on the firmware front might have made this feasible. Could you please describe your application in a few sentences? If you are not comfortable sharing the details publicly, please email (please also link this thread from the email). Thanks!

We have an Hexacopter Prototype with a Flight Time of 80 Minutes with 5 KG of Payload.

Our Motor is the P80 from Tiger Motor at 12S.
If cooling is the main Problem, we could fit some Fans to it?


Hi Jan,

The best ESC suitable for P80 motor is OpenMyxa. Myxa B won’t give you a 2.8 kW peak power due to over-current protection. OpenMyxa has exactly the same functionality and interfaces as Myxa B. But it has a more powerful power stage. You can find the electrical characteristics below.

We have a special price for this ESC now. Please send me the request to

Hi guys,

I was a little time away but the zubax esc’s are still pretty interesting!!

Is there any data for a comparison? Interesting would be a comparison to a T-Motor FOC ESC.

Kind regard