Higher Feedback Update Rate on Sapog


I would like to ask if is possible to get the RPM feedback from Sapog at higher rates (at least 1KHz). I am using Kotleta20 by Holybro through PyUAVCAN_v0.


1 kHz might be a problem for bandwidth reasons but you should be able to increase the publishing rate at least somewhat. You can do this by changing this constant here:

Currently it is not possible to change this without recompiling the firmware.

Thanks @pavel-kirienko for your reply!

Does this means I have to build the firmware again and flash it the ESC?

Also, I would like to know if the ESC actually support higher feedback rate in the binary format and the possibility to use that later on


Sorry, I don’t think I understand the question. What binary format are you referring to?

Error-Rak Hey I am in the process of getting Kotleta ESC and was wondering if you had a blog or post elsewhere detailing your build components and process