Help with CLI in OSX

I’m trying to use the CLI under OSX with my GNSS 2, and am not seeing a virtual serial device that looks like the GNSS. I’ll admit a lack of general knowledge about what I’m doing, so this is probably a very very basic issue.

At the end of the day, I’d like to just use the GNSS 2 as a NMEA data source, and am trying to get access to the configuration through the CLI, and eventually log the data. I’m having trouble getting started though. Any thoughts on how to start would be great!


Hello Erik,

Please first make sure that your USB port works as it should. The GNSS should blink its Status LED when powered on, and the PPS led should blink at 1 Hz when the device has a navigation fix.

Having confirmed that, having the GNSS connected, run this in your OS’s command prompt: ls /dev, and post the output here.

I’m not a Mac OS user, so my experience with this OS is quite limited.


I’ll spare the long ls /dev list, it looks like it was a bad USB cable. I tried a different cable, and a cu.usbmodem1411 and tty.usbmodem1411 showed up. I am able to access it over the CLI now. Thanks!