Help getting started with GNSS 2 & Babel?

Hello! I’m wondering if there are some basic instructions anywhere on how to talk to the GNSS 2 using a Babel over CAN? I’m new to the UAVCAN ecosystem but have (decades of) experience in similar problem spaces, and am interested in contributing to the associated open source code, drivers through front end. I saw queries about CAN to Ethernet bridges, that is something I also wanted and may just make. I poked around in the legacy uav_gui_tool, not sure if this works with the newer hardware. Also looking at libuavcan and Yukon. Appreciate any pointers, and thank you!

OK, figured out how to proceed, found a comment about static node IDs and remembered reading about this bootstrap issue - I hadn’t enabled the dynamic node allocation server in the legacy tool, I did and now I can see the GNSS messages. Looking forward to playing more!