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Have a smooth startup with rover


We use Myxa controllers to drive BLDC motors on a rover.
We are having some difficulties to setup the controller to ensure a smooth startup of the rover, when starting from still position.

With the default parameters, we have to “push” the rover by hand to have it start, and then only Myxa keeps the desired speed (mrpm).

We have seen the topic “Spinup tuning”, but we are having a hard time to understand and find the right setup.
Could you please give us some hints?

Best regards

Hi Frederic,

In the rover application, the ESC should have enough startup torque. The startup torque can be increased by increasing the m.spup_curr_begn parameter. If the motor restarts are observed, adjust the m.min_current and m.min_eangvel parameters. If it is required for the rover to move at low speed the m.min_eangvel parameter should be decreased.

Thank you very much Dmitry.
Would you recommand me any particular motor for my application?
A brand that you are confident in?
Best regards