GPS settings for GNSS 2

I am not seeing any significant GPS satellite coverage with the GNSS 2 over my old 3DR LEA-6H module. GPS is properly set with GPS_TYPE to 9 and I am getting a GPS fix. GPS_AUTO_CONFIG is enabled with 1 for automatic configuration. Have also tried setting GPS_GNSS_MODE to 67 and 71. External compass is properly connected and calibrated, and barometer is enabled and being used. Have Pixhawk with APM 3.5.5. I don’t think that Glonass, Galileo or SBAS are being read. Any way to check? Neither the latest versions of Mission Planner, QGroundControl nor Tower show any distinctions between the GPS systems.

Hi Jimmy,

You could try this to diagnose your GNSS reception: Evaluating GNSS performance with u-blox u-center - Knowledge Base - Zubax Knowledge Base

Thanks Pavel, everything is looking good. U-Center is reporting reception of 5-7 Galileo satellites and 8-9 GLONASS satellites in Boston today,