GNSS2 don’t work with arduplane 3.9.0

I have a problem.I am using UAVCAN to check GNSS2 that everything is normal.

The configuration of my mission planer is as follows.

I refer to the official guide link.
I used PIXHAWK2’s CAN2 for the link.

I took the controls outside and waited a long time. The GPS could not be fixed.

I am sure GNSS2 is good and the connection is correct. I suspect ArduPlane is not compatible.

I believe you are supposed to set the GPS type to 9. Or maybe not. I am not sure.

We do not provide support for ArduPilot; we merely guarantee that our devices are UAVCAN-compliant. Please refer there for help: ArduPlane - ArduPilot Discourse

Sorry for not being very helpful.

It is very strange you don’t give any kind of support to people using your products with ardupilot and you have documents like this on your site, making people believe the unit is fully compatible with that system:

I received an email from you today answering to me that it is not true that GNSS doesn’t work with ardupilot anymore. Looking at this thread on the forum it looks like it is very true instead.

Truth is that GNSS, as good as a product as it is, doesn’t work properly with ardupilot since more than a year ago.
It doesn’t do any good to your customers, people that pay for your products and permit to your company to stay alive, to tell them to go to ardupilot forum to complain.

Maybe it would be better to aknoledge the problem and collaborate with ardupilot guys to solve the pending issues OR removing from your site all the documents and and tutorials like the one i linked before on how to configure your product with a system that today just plain doesn’t work.

This is what you wrote to me today:

“I don’t think that’s true. ArduPilot, including v3.5, is known to work with Zubax GNSS 2, as long as its node ID is configured manually. The plug-and-play capability is not supported by ArduPilot still because it doesn’t implement an automatic node ID allocator, but that doesn’t render the device non-usable.”

Not a word about “bad baro health” that everybody is experiencing when using GNSS.

This IS NOT good customer care in my book.



Sorry for the difficulties with ArduPilot, Corrado. You are absolutely right, our customer service sucks hard :slight_smile:

You brought a very valid point concerning the ArduPilot documentation we have published on our knowledge base. I am going to get rid of it right now. Thank you!

I am really stumbled on how you play bad with people that ultimately are your customers. Believe me you have a long way to learn if this is how you run a company :slight_smile:

Removing a document, apart from being childish and poor practise, doesn’t get right to all the people that bought your product and need assistance.

All of this is going straight to forums and if you don’t care you just show again you have no clue in how to run a company :slight_smile:

As we don’t have the capacity to fix ArduPilot or write proper user documentation for them, I am going to state in the product description that Zubax GNSS 2 is not recommended for use with ArduPilot. Hopefully that will prevent further confusion. We’d happily refund you or any other frustrated customer who ran into issues with ArduPilot.

I should emphasize here once again that providing support for third-party systems such as ArduPilot has never been our intention. What we sell is a device that conforms to a certain protocol. It is by design compatible with any system that upholds the other side of the protocol. We purposefully avoided stating compatibility with any particular implementation of the protocol, but I see now that that approach wasn’t clear enough for customers.