Firmware program for EPMv3

(selim dumlu) #1

Has anyone the program for firmware of EPMv3 not the hex file .? Thank you

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Selim, the firmware sources can be found here

(selim dumlu) #3

Is EPM V3 R5 hex file anywhere in the site ?

(selim dumlu) #4

I have changed my MCU because I had supplied it with 30 V instead 5 V
Now I have loaded the hex file with Flashmagic .but I dont have any HV also ;
the MCU has no pulses for Mosfet gate .I thought purhaps the hex file is not updated
I have EPM V3 R5C Has anyone any idea?

(Pavel Kirienko) #5

You can download compiled binaries from

(selim dumlu) #6

Thanks I have it and upload to mcu but I have no gate signal and HV ,what can be killed by 30 volt power supply other then the mcu ?

(Pavel Kirienko) #7

I have informed Andreas Jochum, the developer, of this question. He should respond here soon.


Hello Selim;

The VDS max is 60V and VSD max is 20V; So most likely the BSR606N would have survived;

If the status LED blinks in the error pattern it won’t switch the mosfet; (fast blinking green LED)

Next I would check primary of T1, ATB3225 , is it open or under 200mOhm? Inspect the winding, do they look burned? Smell burned? (You can measure the resistance of T1 primary on signal adsf and 5V)

If T1 is dead than it’s likely that Q11 switched during the 30V event and both should be replaced


(selim dumlu) #9

The hex file dated of 2017 03 24 in Zubax site ,doesnt belong to the EPM V3 R5 . Please send me the suitable hex file ,If I must pay for it I will .Because I can not use my device .Thanks in advance

(selim dumlu) #10

I have send here the Output of Putty .as soon as I push the EPM button I have this error message on Terminal screen
" On command received
Vin = 4300mV
Vin = 6749 mV "
What can be wrong ?

(Pavel Kirienko) #11

I have uploaded fresh binaries to the linked website yesterday. Are you using them?

(selim dumlu) #12

Not the Binary but the new hex I have uploaded

(Pavel Kirienko) #13

Okay. Hopefully, @NicaDrone might provide more info.

(selim dumlu) #14

Can I get C++ file from this binary ? If yes ,would you please explain short. I have not much programming experience ,but little more electronic .Thanks

(Pavel Kirienko) #15

You can’t disassemble a flat binary into meaningful C++, but you can find the sources here

(selim dumlu) #16

I have inspected the link you have given .But I dont have good programming backgraund .I would have experience with the algorithm you have written . From your file I didnt understand very much . If you have a C++ file from EPM I would be very pleased . Thanks in advanced

(Pavel Kirienko) #17

Unfortunately there is no single C++ file. The firmware consists of many C++ source files; you can find them in the directory firmware/src.

(selim dumlu) #18

If I have sufficient knowledge about programming I would have combine it that everyone can easily understand it and develope the electronic algorithm. But now it can be understud only by profies :slight_smile: Regards.