Feature Request: Frewheel, then Brake in Standby

We are running 28" folding propellers on Myxa ESCs, controlled from PX4 via PWM. After landing and disarming the drone, we would like the motors to first free-wheel (or otherwise slowly decelerate) to a standstill, and afterwards short the motor phases to prevent the propellers from windmilling.

To my understanding, this is currently not possible:

  • After landing and disarming the drone, the ESCs enter Standby mode.
  • In standby mode, the VSI can only be configured statically to either allow the motor to freewheel or apply standby brake.
  • With the standby brake, the motor immediately stops with high torque, which causes the propellers to fold and damage the hub.

Is there anything I’ve missed, or is my desired behavior really not possible with the current firmware?
If it is the latter, I would be happy to see this in a future Telega v1.1 release :slight_smile:

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