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ESC Telemetry over UAVCAN

New here so this might be a dumb question. If using UAVCAN as the control protocol on the Myxa, is ESC telemetry (rpm, voltage, current, temp) simply baked in? I’m running PX4 plane on a pixhawk 4 and am wondering if using UAVCAN will get me telemetry out-of-the-box. I can’t seem to find anything definitive but it appears to be possible to log the telemetry but not view it live (which isn’t a deal breaker). Thanks!

Myxa, being the ESC, publishes on the CAN bus all the uavcan.equipment.esc.Status messages, including current, voltage, rpm, temperature (ESC temperature). Whether the flight controller accepts telemetry or not depends on the firmware of that controller. For instance, the PX4 firmware can log this telemetry on the SD card. All the instructions for activating this feature you can find in the Using Telega-based controllers with PX4 autopilots article and in the PX4 documentation.

Awesome! Thank you for the detailed response! I’ll read up on that article!