ESC Myxa and Komar DC Power Wire Lengths Added Capacitance

We’re using the Zubax Myxa and Komar ESCs in our small-scale models, and some ESC DC power wire lengths are fairly long (~1m). I know that the length of the wire changes the inductance which causes the voltage to be noisy, and I was wondering what length of DC power wire the Zubax Myxas and Komars are rated for with the onboard capacitors? Do you guys have a recommendation for adding capacitance across the positive and negative DC power wires on these ESCs per unit length of DC power wire (such as uF/m)?


This depends not only on the resistance and inductance of the wires (which are affected by their material, cross-sectional area, length, the geometry of their routing, nearby metallic objects, and of course, the connectors and their contamination) but also on the internal resistance of the battery. It is quite difficult to account for all the involved variables, so we recommend empirical observation instead. Run the drive at the maximum power and measure the DC link voltage ripple at or near the controller. If the ripple does not exceed the recommended limits stated in the Telega Reference Manual, you do not need additional capacitance:

An empirical rule we have observed is that 20 \frac{\mu\text{F}}{\text{A}_\text{DC}} is sufficient for most applications with short DC link wires. More information on this is given in the Mitochondrik LV datasheet, section “DC link capacitance”.

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