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Error when generating firmware files


I’m trying to test the OpenGrab v3 performance with the external button, but it doesn’t work. I flashed the device using the prebuilt .hex file that is provided on the repository, but after that, no response was obtained, so I thought it would be better to build the firmware from the code provided in the repository. Nevertheless, I got the error shown in the image attached, do you have any suggestion as to how to proceed?

Thanks in advance for the support!

You should use GNU/Linux for building the firmware.

I tested the same procedure on a second OpenGrab v3 we purchased and this one is working, could it be that the first one we tested be damaged from supplier?
Thanks again for the support.

Not possible. The problem that’s visible on the screenshot is caused by the incompatibility of the build system with Windows. It is not related to the hardware.