Enabling barometer


Please provide specific instructions on how to enable the barometer in GNSS 2. I understand that the configuration parameter “uavcan.pubp-pres” is recommended to be set to 50,000. I also understand that there is a command-line interface somewhere that allows listing, editing and saving parameters. Where do I access the command line and with what tool? The UAV GUI Tool? I have already set GND_PRIMARY to 1 in Mission Planner. Using APM Copter 3.5.5. Thank you.

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Hello Jimmy,

This should help:


Thank you for the quick reply Pavel. So I download and open PuTTY and the screen is continuously scrolling with data. Do you have any specific instructions on using PuTTY to set the GNSS commands?

(Pavel Kirienko) #4

You should open the port at 115200 baud. More info in section https://files.zubax.com/products/com.zubax.gnss/Zubax_GNSS_2_Datasheet.pdf


Thank you, that did it.