Electric brake for VTOL plane

(Uwe Fechner) #1

For a plane with vertical take off and landing we need an electric brake on the motors.
Background: When flying as plane (and not as copter) we need to make sure that some
of the foldable propellers do not turn.

Does the current software has an option to activate a brake (to shorten the three phases
of the motor) while the set speed is zero?


(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Yes, although this feature is only available via UART and USB at the moment. We may expose it via other interfaces in the next release if desired.

(Jasonthegreat1955) #3

This is pretty necessary. Even for normal plane use in some scenarios. Is there an update to the 0.2 beta? Also, anything with a higher watt rating coming out? Either software side or a physical unit?

(Pavel Kirienko) #4

Okay, we will schedule it for v0.2 or v1.0. Most likely the feature will be implemented when we the transition to UAVCAN v1.0.

Regarding the new firmware and hardware: yes to both, soon.


Could you go into a little more detail into which parameter governs this please.

Thank you

(Pavel Kirienko) #6

This is achievable via the direct phase voltage manipulation interface. In Kucher, select “Low-level manipulation”, then “Phase manipulation”. Uncheck the phase synchronization mode checkbox, then move one of the sliders one notch in any direction away from the middle, keeping the other two exactly at the middle. Then click Execute. The motor may jerk once and then it will hold its position until the Low-level manipulation mode is exited.

One should be very careful when dealing with the low-level manipulation mode, because it makes it is easy to destroy the controller, the motor, or the power supply by overloading them.

(Nathan E) #7

This brake discussion is very important for many non-multicopter users. Having a “Locking” method like @pavel-kirienko has shown would be great, but any sort of idle braking would be ideal. BLHeli ESC’s have a stop-brake that they implement when the motor is not moving and at 0 throttle. I need something like this as well, otherwise my props dig into the dirt on landing. It doesn’t have to make the motor perfectly still, but the props cannot freely windmill like the current firmware allows at idle throttle.

Is there any way to automate braking at 0-speed after the motor spins down?

(Pavel Kirienko) #8

We have registered this feature request internally, it should be available either in v0.3 or v0.4.