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Dronecode probe with PX4


I have a Dronecode probe that I’d like to use to debug PX4 on Holybro Durandal with Eclipse.
I used this documentation to set up the debugger, and it runs the program on the flight controller if I start the debugger.

However, when I insert breakpoints (as type “Hardware”), it stops at the breakpoint, and the flight controller starts beeping (no surprise, the program stops during setup). However when I try to step in/through, it jumps back and forth between lines. Also, after a few steps, the program just start running, not stopping at any breakpoints.
After that, in the “Problems tab” there are couple hundred errors showing.

Probably @pavel-kirienko could help with this?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Please disable the watchdog if you want single-step debugging.

Hi…I am attempting to investigate PX4 on my flight regulator (Holybro Durandal) by means of its troubleshoot port with Dronecode test and Eclipse. I have utilized this 3 instructional exercise from the producer, just as the comparing parts from the PX4 documentation.

Presently I can run the debugger and it appears to be running effectively, yet issues emerge when I set breakpoints. It doesn’t appear to stop at any breakpoint, so I can’t continue line-by-line from that point, and it likewise gives mistake messages (a few hundred).

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Hi @NorryTesi,

I have been able to make it more-or-less work with 1) setting the breakpoint properties to “Hardware” (right-click to the breakpoint in the list and in Properties if I remember well) and 2) disable the watchdog. For that you have to modify /boards/holybro/durandal-v1/nuttx-config/nsh/defconfig file (CONFIG_WATCHDOG parameter) and compile the firmware.

But I would suggest try using VSCode: https://dev.px4.io/master/en/setup/vscode.html. It worked for me the first time I tried without any settings. If you use Dronecode probe, you have to launch the debugger with the “Blackmagic probe” option, not the “JLink”.