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CSSW Displaying Saturated


I was running Mxya today on a 7S Li-ion pack with a KDE3520XF-400 (400KV) motor with an APC 12x12 prop connected.

I expected to reach a slightly higher RPM, but I noticed CSSW indicates ‘Saturated;’ please see the attached screensnap for reference. Doing some calcs, I notice the voltage on the motor coils (U_{DQ}) is a factor \approx{0.52} of the DC supply voltage. This would be consistent with a utilization factor of \frac{0.91}{\sqrt{3}}, however, I believe this utilization factor has been increased to 0.99.

Is it possible for me to attain a higher RPM with the current configuration or am I mistaken in my understanding of the system?

- david

The first value is correct. Our attempt to increase the utilization factor was unsuccessful.

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@david what is the firmware version on your Myxa?

@dmitry.ramensky, firmware is v0.3, I believe.

We could share a preview version of our firmware where this limit is higher, but at the moment we cannot vouch for its fitness for use in production systems. Can you please email Dmitry at dmitry.ramensky@zubax.com to get access? Thanks!

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