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Control Myxa with UART

I’m trying to control the Myxa with an Arduino over serial. Is there a document somewhere that explains how to format the serial packets and what parameters can be read/written? I couldn’t find what I needed in the knowledge base.

Currently, the best we can offer is this:

but we are working on supporting UAVCAN v1 in Myxa, which will be available not only as UAVCAN/CAN but also as UAVCAN/serial via UART and USB.

Hi Pavel,
I was able to control the motor and get telemetry over UART by copying the parsers in messages.py in Kucher. However, I can’t find the part where we find part at the very beginning when you get the hardware/firmware version after connecting. Can you point me to the right location to find the correct packet structure?

It’s here:

Is there a table somewhere to look up the “frame type code”?

For standard messages there is only one frame type code:

For application-specific:

Thanks, I got it working.

If anyone else needs to control Myxa with an Arduino over UART, I uploaded my code here:

My MCU was the Teensy4.0.