Configure Zubax GNSS2 with U-blox U-center software

Hello -
Since Zubax GNSS2 uses U-Blox MAX-M8Q inside, I was hoping if it can be connected to a Windows PC and manage the chip settings with U-blox’s U-Center software.

However, whenever I connect it to a Windows PC via MicroUSB → USB cable and open up U-center, it does detect the chip at a COM port, however, the data keeps coming ON and OFF (for 1 sec ON, next 1 sec OFF), so, it is not a stable setting. I’m not sure of the reason though.

Has anyone tried connecting Zubax GNSS2 to U-center software for monitoring / configuring the chipset NAV settings?


Hello Ram,

Zubax GNSS2 works with U-blox Ucenter software pretty well. The only thing you should do is configure the COM port and type gnssbridge in the CLI as it discribed in the KB article.
The only problems which may appear are the problems with the drivers in windows, like described here, for example. Usually reinstall of the VCP driver helps.