Can't quite get started with Myxa


I’m trying to get started with my new Myxa (A). And I can’t seem to get it to speakt to me or anything. I still suspect that I am missing something obvious so, I’d like to have you “look over my shoulder” for a second. Procedure:

  1. Connect a BLDC motor. This motors has been test run with other BLDC controller and it is known to work.
  2. Connect 15 V on main terminals.
  3. Connect via usb to Linux computer
  4. Result: Nothing happens. No dev/ttyACM0 get listed. No “beep” or anything.

Questions / possible ideas:

  • Does the A-variant require “external” power for logic?
  • Is the supply voltage too low? What is minimum voltage for “booting” the Myxa?
  • Controller “dead on arrival”. I would’nt expect it to be.
  • Should there be any “beep” or LED anything to signal that the unit has been powered?

Hope that you can help.

Best Max

@Gnist could you please send the number of your order to, with a link to this post? Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

the new controller arrived and I got it hooked up with Kucher this morning. It all works really sweet and I really like the controller. Good work guys!

/ Max