Cant communicate with Zubax GNSS2 in PX4 (UAVCAN node RX transfer count is 0)

I am trying to communicate with Zubax GNSS2 using CAN bus.
But When I execute uavcan status in QGroundControl, I get following information:
UAVCAN node status:
Internal failures: 0
Transfer errors: 0
RX Transfers: 0
TX Transfers:1765
Can1 status:
HW errors:0
IO errors:0
RX frames: 170191
TX frames:1765

And no device detected in can bus.
In this situation, Zubax’s status led blink once in second and CAN1 led is always green.

What could be the main reason of difference between Can1 RX frames count and UAVCAN node RX Transfer count ?

Are you using the dynamic node-ID allocation server in PX4, or did you assign a static node-ID to Zubax GNSS 2? Can you connect to the bus using the UAVCAN GUI tool and investigate what’s going on there?