Cannot disarm EPM!

I am able to only engage the EPM- Cannot disarm.
The push button has no effect.
Using PWM control with a 1500us mid, 1100 low, and 1900 high.

Please help and thank you in advance!

Hello epmhosh,

A replacement is on it’s way

We became recently aware of the button failures. If you like to play you can manually make the switch contact. short the yellow arrows here with tweezers

The EPM does disarm but the residual holding force makes it appear that it doesn’t. Residual holding force has been reduce to ~1N with in a recent commit.

Firmware flashing instruction can be found here. If you never done this before it can be a bit tricky. Feel free to chat me up or post on this forum if you get stuck.

Alternatively placing a 30-100 micro meter spacer (masking tape, sheet of paper) between the magnet and target will reduce the residual holding for to very low levels.