Broken CAN1 Port - Can I use CAN2?

Hi I’m using the Zubax GNSS 2 with a Pixhawk and after a spectacular crash seconds after trying to fly in Loiter with it enabled for the first time, the outermost CAN1 connector was ripped off the GPS by the indestructible cable clip. Since the pads themselves are missing, I don’t think I can resolder it.

The instructions say to use the first CAN1 port and then put a terminator in the second CAN1 port.

Am I able to shift to the CAN2 port and ignore the CAN1 port or do I need to repair it?

Failing being able to use CAN2, can I get an image of the schematic right at the first CAN1 port so I know clearly where to scrape to resolder new cabling to the existing traces?


Hi Dave,

You can use CAN2 just fine, except that you won’t be able to perform firmware update as this feature is only available on CAN1.