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Bloxa ESC firs time set up with t motor

I have a couple zubax bloxa escs and I want to integrate it on a quadcopter. I am using antigravity 4006 t-motor along with the escs. Can somebody provide me a link or a reference of the things I should read off before actually setting up the escs. thank you


First of all, I suggest to read attentively the firmware Quick Start Guide.
Then you should look and the Bloxa hardware documentation on GitHub.
The setup process shouldn’t be difficult. You just need to connetc the motor, set the number of poles, maximum current and run the motor identification procedure.

I had set up the escs according to the instructions in the quick start guide and I tried flying the quadcopter which resulted in a crash, the error message was, error velocity variance. Is there any suggestion on how to rectify the issue.



Please provide more details. We can’t help you otherwise. What is the flight controller? Did you follow the instructions for setup and tune the flight controller? What control mode did you set on Bloxas? I suggest to test and tune the ESC with motor on earth. You can use the UAVCAN GUI Tool to control the throttle.

I used a pixhawk cube. Is there any preset value list for t-motor antigravity 4006? I used PWM on the escs, did not use the CAN ports for controlling the motors. The response of the motors were very sluggish. I had altered a couple of parameters like m.eangvel_accel(10000) , m.eangvel_decel(9000) , m.max_eangvel (11932) m.min_eangvel(400).