Barometer Question

Hey guys a question about enabling the Baro on the GNSS.
I have read tht I need to put this code on the mem card to get the baro working, but I see it uses the command “fi” is that a spelling mistake and it should read “If”.

# uORB will be started again by the main init script later, it's OK
if uorb start
    echo "ext: uORB started"
    if uavcan start 1
        echo "ext: UAVCAN started"
        echo "ext: Could not start UAVCAN"
    echo "ext: Could not start uORB"

# This delay allows UAVCAN to pick external sensors before internal ones
sleep 8

Never mind found the answer.

For the sake of future readers, fi is the terminating clause for if in bash-like scripting languages. Likewise, esac terminates case (but do is terminated by done, wtf it should be od).

thanks for this Pavel…you and Bryan rock.
I was able to look it up on line once I my confusion settled.
I am puzzled why I needed to roll back the firmware on the pixracer to get the baro error cleared, but that’s not a big deal other then I would rather be running current code…