Barometer in Zubax GNSS

Hi, all.
I had ordered some Zubax GNSS, but I had some questions regarding the embedded barometer.

  1. Don’t need to cover the barometer with a foam? This barometer chip seems to be easily affected by light!
  2. How to identify whether or not the embedded barometer work?
  3. How to understand what current barometer is used by pixhawk since pixhawk also has an internal barometer?
  4. If possible, could you share the file regarding 3D printable case?
    I appreciate your help.

Hi Jet,

  1. Yes, it is recommended to cover it. See the link below.

  2. If the LED blinking pattern indicates OK, then all the embedded sensors function properly, including the barometer. See this for info on LED patterns: … face#PuTTY.

  3. First, make sure you read this: … th_Pixhawk. You can validate the state of UAVCAN looking at the output of the CLI command “uavcan status”.

  4. You can find the 3D printable models here: … tl_exports