Babel diode is overheating

This part (diode?) started to overheat on my babel :

I’m not sure what I did to damage it but the board seems functional otherwise (as long as I don’t keep it plugin in for too long). Can you tell me what this part is so I can order a replacement from Digikey?

The diode in your pic is CRS08
Its only purpose is to prevent current flow into usb connector.
Basically it can be replaced with any low-drop diode in SOD-123 package(like MBR0520).
But I bet this won’t help your Babel, as the only reason for this diode to heat up is abnormal power consumption on 5V line. This may happen due to a short somewhere or PCB contamination(which causes a short), its hard to say remotely. But just in case clean your babels with alcohol.
Also you should check the voltage on 5V line. Here is where it can be found.

Best regards, Alex