Anyone having bad baro health issues with Arducopter 3.5 and GNSS

(Pavel Kirienko) #21

Richard, I suggest you bring up APM-related issues on the APM forums as well (unless you’re doing that already!), in order to keep them also updated and encourage fixing their issues with UAVCAN.

(Richard Gardner) #22

For sure Pavel.
I have done that and slowly all the issues are going away.
That said I still am getting a high hdop and no sats. This is a problem. Not sure what to do here. Going to order the Babel tonight and then upgrade the unit. Then we shall see if that resolves things.
I don’t know enough about this stuff to understand how to trouble shoot it. But I will continue reading.

(René Desgagnés) #23

Hi Richard,

I’m running AC 3.6 rc10 and I just tried with Zubax GNSS v2.2. I had the same problem as you few weeks ago( high pdop and no sats ). Today, no issue at all, I had about 22 sats pdop 0.6 where I live. I must assume that the firmware was the culprit ( I was running AC 2.6 rc5 before and now took a 3.6 rc10 unit).

(Richard Gardner) #24

Thanks Rene.
I have a firmware bug I need to resolve…the fix comes out this week apparently and then I will get it out side and see what happens. Hopefully I am in the same camp as you