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Any plans on developing more powerful motor controllers with position sensor support?

Hi! Orel and Myxa are great products. Especially due to support of UAVCAN. Any plans on developing more powerful stuff with support for position sensors (Hall sensors at least) and with torque control mode? I would like to see those integrated in solutions like unicycle. Which requires voltages up to 80V and power up to 3 kW. And of course torque control with position sensor for near 0 speed controllability with hight torque output.

I developed solutions like that once but all affordable controllers on the market did not have any CAN support. So we developed our own. Without CAN unfortunately.

Having high power UAVCAN inverter + Pixhawk compatible controller will give complete and flexible solution for device like unicycle.

Also there is a redundancy of IMU and MCU in Pixhawk and redundancy of connectivity via double UAVCAN. Any plans on developing redundant motor inverter? Because one dead MOSFET will stuck motor completely and make rider of unicycle to fall immediately.


Yes, we are currently working on a more powerful design that supports sensored drives. At this point, we can’t release any information to the public, so if you want to learn more, please get in touch via pavel.kirienko@zubax.com.

Light electric vehicles such as unicycles fall far outside of our scope, so it is highly unlikely that we’ll release anything specifically for that market - its demands and specifics are vastly different from those of aerial vehicles.

Any updates on this?
My interest is specifically on the option to use sensored driving with the current Myxa.