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Any experience with T-Motor U15II-KV80 on propeller load


We would like to upgrade to FOC from conventional BLDC ESC’s.
Can we apply the Myxa A2 to such a large motor? ( full throttle 90A @ 44V) We willing to trade the loss of thrust for controllability at lower throttle settings.
We need to be able to reverse from forward to reverse while rotating, can this be done?
Other questions:
At the moment we don’t have UAVCAN available but can we control the motor via Raspbian? Is there an SDK package in C++?

Thanks in advance for your response,


You should consider Komar:

It runs the same software as Myxa but in a more powerful form-factor. It is also 100% open-hardware.


Yes: https://legacy.uavcan.org/Implementations/Libuavcan/