Announcing Telega v1.0

Zubax Robotics is proud to announce the release of the first stable version of Télega, a novel electric motor control solution designed to deliver exceptional energy efficiency, reliability, and versatility in a variety of applications.

Télega takes the performance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) and Brushless DC (BLDC) machines to new heights. Utilizing innovative approaches to digital signal processing (DSP) in conjunction with proprietary field-oriented control (FOC) algorithms, Télega offers enhanced energy efficiency (up to 30% lower energy losses compared to prior art, depending on the parameters of the motor and the operating conditions), dynamic characteristics, and robustness compared to prior-art PMSM/BLDC drives​. With Télega, drives can deliver higher power output in smaller and lighter form factors thanks to reduced heat dissipation.

At the heart of Télega is Dyshlo, a platform-agnostic, high-integrity AUTOSAR-C++ compliant motor control library developed at Zubax Robotics. Dyshlo is the centerpiece component of Télega, handling the complex tasks of energy-efficient and robust motor control in real-time. Télega serves as the glue logic between the external communication interfaces, the hardware, and the Dyshlo motor control core. Dyshlo is available as a separate product for customers requiring deep customization of the motor control solution.

Designed for reliability, Télega offers robust sensorless operation, even with low-cost motors that have been poorly characterized. The hardware implementations are built to endure harsh environments, utilizing AEC-Q-qualified components​.

Télega is versatile, supporting a wide range of communication interfaces, including Cyphal/CAN[1], RC PWM, and general-purpose I/O, along with various auxiliary features for easy integration into different applications. It also supports in-field firmware upgrades via Cyphal, eliminating the need for vehicle disassembly​ for maintenance and enabling over-the-air delivery of software updates.

Telega supports a rich selection of control modes, including torque and velocity control, voltage control, position control with Type-IV jerk-limited online trajectory generator, and various combinations thereof. The telemetry feed published by Telega includes the key electrical and mechanical states, including the electrical voltage and currents both at the DC and AC links, mechanical velocity, torque, and additional diagnostic data.

Zubax Robotics offers three types of Télega-based products, each designed to address specific customer needs and applications:

  • Motor control modules such as Mitochondrik LV allow a hardware engineer​ without prior experience with motor control to easily design a custom motor controller in a few weeks.
  • Complete off-the-shelf motor controllers such as Myxa can be paired with arbitrary PMSM/BLDC motors.
  • Fully integrated drives and kits that implement a complete power conversion solution from DC electric to mechanical power.

Zubax Robotics also offers custom electric propulsion solutions upon request​.

Early testimonials have already recognized Télega’s impressive capabilities, with users noting exceptional energy efficiency, increased flight duration in aerial propulsion applications, and robust performance even with problematic motors​.

Explore the available hardware at, or contact us via to discuss your project.

[1]: Cyphal/CAN is a modern successor to the experimental legacy protocol known as UAVCAN v0 or DroneCAN.


Hi Pavel

How should we upgrade from Telega v0.6 on Myxa devices? Using DroneCAN GUI, or by some other means?

- zoot

Yes, you can use the DroneCAN GUI tool for that. You can migrate back to Telega v0.6 at any moment by uploading the corresponding firmware version using either Yakut or Yukon (there’s a button for that).

Hi, I have a bunch of myxas with Telega v0.3. Can I just also use Yukon to update the firmware to v1.0? And do I need to update the bootloader or anything else?

And can I still use Kucher with Telega v1.0 myxa or is it replaced now by Yukon?


Yes, you can use either Yukon (using the firmware update feature on the DroneCAN tab) or the DroneCAN GUI tool to install Telega v1.0.

No, it works as-is.

Only Yakut or Yukon can be used with Telega v1.0. See here: Tutorials - Telega v1.0 Reference Manual