Myxa ESC Telega Vendor Specific Status Code

Hello, a couple of our Myxa ESCs have a Warning message as their health status (health: 1 # WARNING). Through the Babel and UAVCAN GUI Tool on our UAVCAN v0 (DroneCAN) CAN bus, we see a vendor_specific_status_code: 3072 (shown below).

Node 12 is one of our Myxa ESCs running Telega v0.4, and I was wondering what status code 3072 might be? Is there a list of status codes for Telega-based ESCs that might be available? Thanks!

The list is available in our knowledge base. In your case, the warning is caused by a mild regression in v0.4 that is addressed in v0.5 — the controller reports a low motor temperature warning incorrectly. Updating to v0.5 should resolve this.

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I found the list of VSSCs on the knowledge base but I struggled a couple of times with linking the VSSCs I get from the DroneCAN GUI with that list.

  1. can you include a link to the VSSCs? To make sure we’re all (literally :slight_smile: ) on the same page.
  2. Maybe I’m missing something about translating from the Decimal number I get from the DroneCAN GUI to the list on the knowledge base. Can you use the error code @dynamicmelody descried to give an example?


That particular error code was missing, but I fixed it just now. We are working on a comprehensive user guide that will include all relevant information in one place.