Myxa backwards compatible?

(Bernard Gonzales) #1


Do the Myxas support backwards capability (able to spin clock wise and counter clock wise direction)? Is there a third party software that enables this?

Thank you for your time,

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Yes, Myxa supports that out of the box.

(Bernard Gonzales) #3


First, thank you for your fast responses, my team and I are very interested in the Myxas.

However we have one more question just for clarification: The Myxa escs are capable of spinning clock wise and counter clock wise WITHOUT having to reprogramming them, correct? We wish to have them able to spin clock wise and counter clock wise without having to reprogram them for our AUV.

Thank you,

(Pavel Kirienko) #4

Yes. Unlike Sapog/Orel, Myxa supports exactly that. You can also see that briefly demonstrated in this video here: Quick start guide for Myxa v0.1