Firmware v3.1 released

(Pavel Kirienko) #21

I think you’re probably using v2.1. Could you please post a pic of the bottom side of the board?

Re Pixhawk: the model of your autopilot hardware doesn’t matter, ArduPilot does not support UAVCAN firmware update anywhere.

(Ariff Abidin) #22

This is my zubax unit. Is it compatible?

(Pavel Kirienko) #23

Ah, this is v2.1 indeed, released in 2015. Unfortunately, this version supports firmware update only over UAVCAN, not USB. The USB bootloader is available since hardware v2.2. Any chance you could use a CAN adapter?

(Ariff Abidin) #24

I see, in that case i have no choice other than to buy the CAN adapter, since i need to use the external compass on the zubax. Thanks for the explanation, i really appreciate it.

Just an idea, Is it possible if i use the compass only from 3dr GPS module and GPS from the zubax at the same time?

(Pavel Kirienko) #25

Yes, it is possible, of course.